Two shafts, several Left-handed clubs for sale, mostly Cleveland

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14 days ago

I have the following clubs for sale, as I have all new clubs coming in from a fitting (in order, 2-3 pictures per item):

Backstory is that I bought a Cleveland Launcher Halo XL 5W back in June of this year, fell in love with it, and bought a bunch more clubs from them. When I broke my 7i from my original set late this summer, I replaced it with a Launcher XL 7i... Which I liked. But I've been fully custom fit and have the order in for new clubs, so I'm trying to recoup some of that money now.

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL 4i with Project X Cypher 60 stiff flex shaft (Left Handed) - $110 + shipping.
- I bought this around the beginning of September 2022, and have used it for maybe 20 rounds, and some range time. 

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL 7i with Project X Cypher 60 stiff flex shaft (Left Handed) - $110 + shipping. 
- Same story as above.

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL DW (49.5 degree) with Project X Cypher 60 stiff flex shaft (Left Handed) - $120 + shipping.
- I tried to replace my gap wedge in later September 2022, not realizing it was a 48 degree. I used this club for maybe 5 or 6 rounds. 

Cleveland Launcher Halo 4H with Miyazaki 6-R Flex shaft (Left Handed) - $125 + shipping

- Bought in June 2021. Stayed in my bag until I got the 4i this year. Probably has 50-60 rounds on it, but wasn't used very much.

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL 3W, Project X Cypher 55 Regular flex shaft (Left Handed) - $175 + shipping

- Bought in June 2022 after I liked my 5W so much. Turns out I don't like the 3W as much. Played maybe 10 or 15 rounds with this, mostly taking it off the tee in lieu of driver. 

Project X Cypher 55 R Flex 42" wood shaft with golf pride grip (no tip) - $110 + shipping.
- This shaft was on my 5W. I kept the head, got a new shaft when I got fitted. 

Project X HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 6.0 stiff 43" driver shaft with Lamkin grip - $60 + shipping
- Got this to try a stiff shaft on my driver. Maybe 10 rounds on it. Again, kept the driver head and got a new shaft and grip. I did have it cut 1" short though.

Tour Edge Bazooka Pro-06 RH putter - $40 + shipping
- I putt righty, wanted a new putter, got this, and hated it. Too long for me, and weirdly balanced. It was $60 new, and I think I used this about 5 times before going back to an old putter. I bought it in 2021.

Brand Cleveland Golf
Shipping Cost $20
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 4-7 Business Days

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